We have a unique, light-weight, uncomplicated approach when it comes to online presence and digital marketing. Refreshing, right?
The uncomplicated approach
No techie jargon
Transparent explanations
Decisions based on information
The trust journey matters
We work with you from scratch, or with your current assets or with current partners in your online journey. The success lies in the open relationship, transparency, communication, mutual trust and planning and implementation together towards success.
Mobile Responsive Websites

Put your business in the digital arena with a quality, well-designed, conversion optimised website that looks good on all devices.

Social Paid Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube paid advertising is not easy – let us do it for you and grow our business.

Social Media Presence

A social presence matters. It adds personality, authority and a ‘realness’ to your business.

Google Ads

Use the power of Google searches and paid Google Ads to ensure that your site catches the eye of your next client.

Search Engine Optimisation

Utilise the power of SEO to help your website rank when people are searching for your products or services online.

Persuasive Copywriting

Writing copy to promote and sell your products or services takes a special kind of copy – persuasive copy. Let our experts help you.


Hi, my name is Carola. I am the main cat at Cats Can Fly Digital Marketing. Helping clients put their business on the digital map and grow, makes my heart fly! We are based in South Africa but can help clients anywhere – that simply is the wonderful nature of the business we are in. 

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